Upcycle This

Even if you haven't heard of upcycling, you've most likely done it.  The term is new but the concept is very very old.

Upcycling simply means re-using or re-purposing something.  Crafters and DIY enthusiasts do it all the time.  All the pallet furniture you see on Facebook?  That's upcycling.  When you planted a bean seed in milk carton in kindergarten, you were upcycling.

As the original upcycler, Mama's Mama was hip ahead of her time.  She started seeds in eggshells, re-knnitted sweaters and made quilts and rugs from material scraps and rags.  Nothing went to waste.  I remember the garbage truck stopping at my grandma's house once a month or so and picking up one small can of trash.  My other grandmas didn't even have garbage service.  What few things she couldn't re-use somehow, she burned in the stove.  Paper towels, disposable diapers, or plastic silverware would have been completely lost on Mama's Mama.

There's no way I can collect all the great DIY projects out there by myself, so please...if you have an awesome project you've done yourself, be sure to come back and share it with us.  If you make a how-to video of it, it's even better.  Just leave a comment for me here and I'll tell you how to send it to  me so I can post it for everyone to see.

Happy Upcycling!!!!

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  1. Hi Lori. I came across your blog when I was looking for images to use for a PPT presentation. I am creating a presentation for earth day and will assign and upcycle project to my students. I love your cute little upcycle logo. I would like to use your image of upcycle in my ppt. I will also be posting the ppt as a fee instructable but I would like your permission. Thank you. Marti