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I have dozens of recipes and instructions for making things at home that I usually buy from the store, things like cleaners, shampoos, soaps, etc.  Usually I have to do a little testing and tweaking before I end up with something I like as much or more than the original.

The monthly Try It feature is something I've done myself and like it enough to recommend it to you. To make it to this page it has to be:

  • Relatively easy to do
  • Use ingredients that are easy to get
  • Give a good result
  • Save money
Without all of those, it may not be worth the time and effort to do

If the monthly Try It item needs a specific container or materials, I'll let you know the month before so you can have it on hand.  There's nothing more frustrating than making shampoo and not having a proper bottle for it. You don't necessarily have to buy a bottle, you can save one that will work from something else.   Nowdays, I rarely throw away empty shampoo or salad dressing bottles, deodorant or lip balm containers etc.  I try to re-use or upcycle as much as I can. 

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