Kitchen Tools and Techniques

Kitchen Tools and Techniques

Some tools are essential and some are nice to have.  

Must Have:

A pressure canner is an essential tool if you plan to can non-acid items like meat and vegetables like green beans.  Low-acid foods like these are prone to botulism which requires both heat and pressure to kill.

Pressuer canners come in a variety of sizes, if you plan to use quart-size jars, you'll need one large enought to accomodate them.  If you plan to process a lot of jars at one time, you may want to get a canner that can hold more jars.

The process for using a pressure canner starts out just like a water bath canner, you wash the jars and rinse them in hot water.  Leave the jars in the hot water until you're ready to fill them.  When the jars are filled,use a flat blade along the sides of the jars to make sure there are no air pockets then put the lids on and screw the rings on finger tight and load into the canner.  Put the lid on and bring the canner up to the processing temperature in your recipe, but don't put the weight on just yet.  Let the canner steam for ten minutes before you put the weight on to build up the pressure.  Watch the pressure guage and start the timer from when it reaches the pressure specified in your recipe.

When it's done processing, turn off the heat, but do not try to remove the lid or the weight until the pressure is completely gone.  Never try to rush things by running cold water over your canner or venting the steam yourself.

Remove the jars from the pressure canner with canning tongs and place on a towel on the kitchen counter.  Test the seal by pressing down on the middle of the lid, if it gives or if you hear a pop, the jar did not seal and you must either re-process it or put it in the refrigrator and use it right away.

Here are some pressure canners available at Amazon:

This one is good if you only process a few jars at a time

I process a lot of food at once, so I got this big one and I absolutely love it.

Here are the tools

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