In the Sewing Room

How handy are you with a needle and thread?  If the answer is "not very", I'm right there with you.  When I was in school, everyone had to take Home Economics.  I did really well during the cooking portion of it, but I was so inept at sewing that the teacher finally offered to give me a "C" if I would never sew again.  It was a deal I was happy to take and I took it seriously for a long time.  When I was in the Air Force, I fixed the hem on my pants with staples and hot-glued my stripes to my shirt until I could get to the base cleaners to have them sewn on.  My kids were the only ones in the neighborhood that would come to me with a hole in their pants asking me to hot glue a patch on for them.  The nice Church ladies invited me to join them once a week to make quilts, after the first week, they invited me to help make lunch instead.

I didn't let my lack of sewing aptitude get me down, I figured I'm good at other things and there are enough wonderful seamstresses in the world, but then it started to gnaw at me.  I felt guilty when I threw something away that just needed a few stitches in a seam or button replaced, so I made a compromise with the Universe to learn to do basic mending.  If my daughter needs a wedding dress, trust me, I won't go anywhere near it, but if she needs a button replaced, I need to be able to do it.

So now I sew.  I do it slowly and most of my results are pretty shabby, but I'm getting better. My grandmas were all excellent seamstresses and fine needle artists as well.  All their kitchen towels and pillowcases were embroidered with lovely flowers and charming little scenes of a bashful shepard boy kissing a blushing milkmaid on the cheek.  No wedding or baby ever went without being acknowledged by a handmade quilt. They tatted miles of lace so delicate it looked like would melt if you touched it.

I may never get to that level and you don't have to either, but it will save a lot of money if you can extend the life of your clothes and linens by mending them when they need it.

The Sewing Room will be one of our featured areas each month, but this is where I really need your help, I can think of a few things to include, but they are just the basics.  If you have a sewing room tool or item that you use often and recommend, please leave a comment below and tell us about it, what is it, how do you use it and where we can get one.

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