Grow This!

Mama's Mama always had a way to grow as much of what she needed as possible, even if that was just a pot of herbs on a sunny windowsill.  Everything she grew was one less expense at the store and a source of fresh food or medicine for her family.

Each month the Grow This section features a different herb that can be grown indoors.  These are generally hardy plants that dont' require a lot of special care, yet provide a lot of benefit.  Some will be herbs to cook with and some are traditionally medicinal herbs, many are both.

When it comes to medicinal herbs, please use your judgment.  I strongly recommend getting a good herbal medicine book and studying it.  The uses I list here are tradiational ones and not specific cures or recommended treatments for any medical condition.  If you think you need to see a doctor, you probably do and nothing here is a replacement for that.

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